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Putin lies about cluster munitions and the Ukrainian army’s counter-offensive

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has cynically lied that Russia does not use cluster munitions in war and that the counter-offensive of Ukraine’s armed forces is failing.

Source: Putin quoted by Russian propaganda

Details: The Russian leader lied that his country did not use cluster munitions – military and Western analysts have repeatedly proven that the Russians shelled Ukrainian areas with such munitions, in particular by using them about cities and citizens.

The most egregious case of Russia’s use of cluster munitions was the attack on Kramatorsk railway station in April 2022, which killed more than 60 people and injured 121.

Quote from Putin“I want to say that Russia has sufficient supplies of various types of cluster munitions.

So far we haven’t done it, we haven’t used it and we haven’t had such a need.

But if they are used against us, we of course reserve the right to mirror actions.”

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More detail: Putin also lies about the counter-offensive; it was reported that Ukraine’s armed forces “could not break through the defenses of the Russians during the entire offensive”.

The dictator also expressed his desire to “look into the Western gear” used by Ukrainians.


On April 7, the Russian army carried out an air raid on the tracks near the Barvinkove station on the Donetsk railway, temporarily blocking three evacuation trains to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.

On April 8, Russian forces attacked the railway station in Kramatorsk with rockets, killing 61 people and injuring 121 others.

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