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Putin prepares to defend his regime by equipping Rosgvardia with tanks – Ukrainian intelligence

Vladimir Putin

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is preparing for future uprisings in Russia by supplying tanks to Rosgvardia (Russia’s National Guard), Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov said.

“This is a very important signal, especially to the Russians,” Yusov told Ukrainian TV channels on August 10.

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“The National Guard is an institution created to protect the state apparatus. If heavy weapons are supplied to them, it means that they are essentially preparing for future suppression of insurgencies.

Yuso added that these Russian tanks could potentially be used against the civilian population in Moscow.

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The intelligence representative stressed that Putin brought the war to Russia through his own actions.

On August 4, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing the National Guard to be armed with heavy military equipment. The law also simplifies public procurement for the prosecution of the military campaign in Ukraine.

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In addition, Putin signed a law on the conscription of Russians from 18 to 30 years old for military service and another law that prohibits citizens from traveling abroad from the day they receive a draft message, especially at their place of work or study.

Previously, the media reported that in July 2023, Putin signed a record number of secret decrees, leaving 62% of the documents unpublished.

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