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Republican Caucus Results in Idaho, Missouri: Complete Results

Republican elections will be held in three states on Saturday: Idaho, Michigan and Missouri. But none of them were primaries. All were caucuses, which limited attendance by requiring participants to arrive at a specific time and usually stay for a certain period of time to participate in a more formal process than just voting. Michigan also held a primary earlier this week, awarding about a third of that state’s delegates. Trump won that contest easily.

The details of the caucus vary from state to state, but usually involve hearing speeches and then casting a vote.

Trump has won every Republican nominating contest since the start of the year, with former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as his last remaining serious challenger. Next Saturday, Trump will face off against Haley in the numerous elections held on March 5, known as Super Tuesday.

The Associated Press provides live results from Missouri and Idaho below.

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