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RFK Jr. will appear on the ballot in Hawaii, the third state in which he appears

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will appear in Hawaii’s presidential primary following a ruling Friday that blocked an attempt by Hawaii Democrats to disqualify his campaign’s ballot access petition.

Hawaii is the third state where Kennedy has officially qualified for ballot access. He won the right to vote in Michigan, a key state, earlier this week after qualifying to vote in Utah earlier this year.

The ruling, issued by hearings officer Aaron Schulaner, said an objection filed by the Democratic Party of Hawaii “did not meet its burden of proof in this case” and the Kennedy campaign’s We the People Party — a small party the campaign founded to bypass the vote. entry requirements – will be allowed to appear on Hawaii’s ballot in November.

A spokesperson for the Hawaii Office of Elections confirmed to CNN that Friday’s ruling means Kennedy will appear on the state’s ballot. The Kennedy campaign and the Democratic Party of Hawaii did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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The Democratic Party of Hawaii’s objection focused on the validity of the We the People Party’s internal organization. The Hawaii Democrats accused the Kennedy Party of violating its own charter and Hawaii state laws by including people previously registered as Democrats and people who were not registered voters.

Kennedy’s campaign has said he has collected enough signatures to qualify for election in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Nebraska, Idaho and Iowa. A super PAC supporting Kennedy has said it has collected enough signatures to put Kennedy on the ballot in Georgia, Arizona and South Carolina.

The Democratic Party of Hawaii’s failed attempt to block Kennedy’s request for ballot access is part of broader opposition to Kennedy’s candidacy from Democrats nationally. The Democratic National Committee has filed multiple Federal Elections Commission complaints against the Kennedy campaign and its allies, and Democrats have regularly run ads attempting to portray Kennedy as a spoiler candidate who will defeat former President Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee for Republican Party, will help.

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Kennedy’s team has pushed back on Democrats’ reporting, previously telling CNN that donors “from across the political spectrum are supporting the Kennedy campaign because they are tired of the corruption in the two-party system.”

“Instead, donors want an independent candidate who will close the divide, restore the middle class, end the forever wars, unravel corporate power and end the chronic disease epidemic,” he said. Stefanie Spear, spokeswoman for the Kennedy campaign, in a February statement.

The 70-year-old Kennedy initially launched his presidential campaign last year as a Democrat and challenged Biden in the primaries before running as an independent candidate in October. Last month, he announced attorney Nicole Shanahan, 38, as his vice presidential candidate at a campaign rally in Oakland, California.

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