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Robert Kiyosaki Praises Cathie Wood’s Prediction That Bitcoin Will Hit $2.3 Million, Suggests ‘Living Dangerously’ and Buying More

Robert Kiyosaki Praises Cathie Wood’s Prediction That Bitcoin Will Hit $2.3 Million, Suggests ‘Living Dangerously’ and Buying More

Both Robert Kiyosaki and Cathie Wood are well known in the financial and investment world, albeit for largely different reasons.

In the 1990s, Kiyosaki wrote “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” a book about personal finance and wealth building. Wood is known for her role as CEO of Ark Invest, one of the largest asset managers in the world. Despite their different paths to fame, they agree on one thing: Bitcoin (BTC) is going to the moon.

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In a message on X, Kiyosaki noted that Wood “guarantees Bitcoin will reach $2.3 million per BTC. Do I believe her? Yes, I do. Cathie Wood is very smart. I trust her opinion. Could she be wrong? Yes. She could they can be. So what? The most important question is, ‘What do you believe?’ What if Cathie is right? What if Cathie is wrong? And most importantly, ‘How much Bitcoin do you own?’ If Cathie is right, I wish I bought more.”

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The “Rich Dad” refers to a prediction Wood made during a Bitcoin investor day in March. Wood argued that Bitcoin will rise between $1.5 million and $3.8 million by 2030. This prediction is largely based on institutional adoption, as Wood predicts that if institutional investors put 5% of their portfolios into Bitcoin, the price could reach as much as $3.8 million.

Kiyosaki likely gets the $2.3 million figure from Wood’s statement that “if institutional investors were to allocate just over 5% of their portfolios to Bitcoin, as we think they will over time, that would only would already add $2.3 million to the projection. [of $1.5 million] I just gave it to you.”

In response to these ideas, Kiyosaki advised his followers to “live dangerously” and “buy Bitcoin for $0.01, regardless of whether Cathie is right or wrong, you will be better educated, smarter and wiser when it comes to Bitcoin.”

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He also sees a Bitcoin investment as a learning opportunity.

“In the real world, the richest and happiest people are people who make mistakes and learn from their mistakes,” he said.

Here, Kiyosaki believes that regardless of the amount, Bitcoin investors will ultimately come away from the experience with more knowledge, regardless of whether they made a profit on the investment.

Kiyosaki also believes Bitoicn will appreciate it and “reach $2.3 million.” So, according to Kiyosaki, Bitcoin is ultimately a way to learn more about digital currencies and make huge profits.

For reference, a $2.3 million Bitcoin would represent a 3,200% increase from current prices.

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