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Rookie quarterback check in, Chris Jones waiting

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It’s been an exciting week in the NFL and Charles McDonald and Frank Schwab are here to give their analysis of all the latest news. Will Levis has a lifetime mayonnaise sponsorship, Chris Jones threatens to last deep into the regular season, Jonathan Taylor seeks a trade, Baker Mayfield has been named a starter and the Baltimore Ravens lost their 24-game preseason win streak. Later, the duo each give a team that has had their mind changed by their surprise play this preseason and check in with each of the rookie quarterbacks (plus Jordan Love) as the preseason comes to a close.

6:00 – Kansas City Chiefs star DT Chris Jones has threatened to extend his postponement until Week 8 of the regular season, which would cost him nearly $10 million in fines. Charles and Frank agree that this is likely a power bluff, and they believe the contract could be out before the start of the season, even if it’s not for the #30M+ Jones is likely to be aiming for is missing.

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12:40 – Jonathan Taylor has been cleared to seek a trade. The hosts discuss some possible landing spots, though Charles is quite convinced that Indianapolis is the best place for him. Frank would like to see the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills or even the Cincinnati Bengals play for star RB.

22:55 – Baker Mayfield has been named the starting QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a lengthy competition. The Buccaneers probably won’t be battling much this year given Tom Brady’s huge dead cap hit, even in a weak NFC South.

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32:35 – Teams that have changed their minds this preseason: Frank points to the Pittsburgh Steelers, as their offense appears to have taken a significant step under sophomore QB Kenny Pickett. Charles likes what he’s seen from the Washington Commanders, who have a loaded roster capable of making noise in the NFC East if QB Sam Howell can step up.

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39:50 – Jordan Love has fought so far this preseason for the Green Bay Packers. Frank thinks the Packers roster has been underrated this season, and that Love is capable of becoming a top-15 QB or better this year. That could be enough to win the NFC North.

46:10 – Rookie QB check-in: It’s been hard to evaluate Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young so far as his offensive line hasn’t been able to protect him. That is a major concern in the run-up to the season. Houston Texans rookie CJ Stroud has been struggling a bit so far and he looked uneasy in the sack. Charles thinks he should relax and settle for the Houston attack. Anthony Richardson has been putting the heat on for the Indianapolis Colts, and Frank thinks a Cam Newton-esque rookie season isn’t out of the question for him as he can use his amazing size and speed to produce.

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August 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud (7) warms up before playing against the Miami Dolphins at NRG Stadium. Mandatory credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

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