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Route 420 in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, cleared after the truck became stuck under the bridge

PROSPECT PARK, Pa. (CBS) – A semi-trailer truck became stuck under an Amtrak bridge on Route 420 in Prospect Park, Pa., Friday morning, footage from Chopper 3 showed.

The bridge, next to Marty Magee’s Irish Pub, has a vertical clearance of 12 feet, 6 inches.


Helicopter 3

Part of the roof of the trailer appeared to have been torn off. Crews were on scene in the Delaware County area all morning trying to free the truck.

Just after noon, Marty Magee posted on Facebook that the truck had been moved.

Hats off to our police, fire and Boro Highway crews for removing the stuck truck from the bridge in time for opening! Come have a drink!!!

Posted by Marty Magee’s on Friday, May 3, 2024

“Hats off to our police, fire and Boro Highway crews for getting the stuck truck off the bridge in time for it to open! Come have a drink!!!” read the bar’s post.

The bridge is often hit. There is a beam with little clearance leading to the bridge that is supposed to deter truck drivers, but that did not happen in this case.

Other business owners in the area say their businesses will suffer if the bridge is hit. Salvatore Mini, owner of the Mini Reef aquarium store, previously told CBS News Philadelphia that an earlier crash shook his building and closed the road for hours.

Bridge strikes are a common problem, especially in Delaware County, CBS News Philadelphia’s Madeleine Wright reports.

Near Radnor Township, dangling metal signs were installed on King of Prussia Road near Radnor Way ahead of a clearance bridge of 10 feet, 10 inches.

The signs are intended as a warning system and let drivers know that they should stop and turn around.

“People are following their GPS,” said Radnor Police Chief Christopher Flanagan. “They are in a trance. They don’t pay attention and don’t stay alert while driving.”

Prospect Park police joked about the Route 420 train bridge on Facebook last year in a post that also mentioned “Happy 420” brownies.

“We’re not sure what ‘Happy 420’ means, but we think it’s because the 420 bridge hasn’t been hit by a truck in a while,” the post joked.

We would like to thank our administrative assistant, Monica, for making these delicious, addictive brownies today. …

Posted by Prospect Park Police Department on Thursday, April 20, 2023

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