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Rudy Giuliani loses hide and seek with Arizona officials

Rudy Giuliani, who for weeks had evaded Arizona officials’ efforts to announce his indictment in the election fraud case, was finally tried in Florida on Friday evening after openly mocking Arizona’s attorney general on social media — and at his 80th birthday party. , not less.

Prosecutors in Arizona had tried to locate Giuliani last month, believing he was filming his YouTube show — one of his last remaining sources of income — from his Manhattan apartment. He is one of 18 defendants charged in Arizona for allegedly plotting to overturn the results of the 2020 state election in favor of then-President Donald Trump. And until Friday evening, he was the only defendant yet to be served with his charges.

Arizona authorities caught up with him late Friday at his birthday party in Palm Beach, NBC News reported. (His actual birthday is May 28.) In a post on X that evening, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes announced that Giuliani had been served “moments ago.”

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It was an abrupt turn of fate for Giuliani, who just hours earlier had taunted state officials on the same platform by posting a photo of himself beaming among his MAGA cohorts. He wrote that if Arizona prosecutors cannot “find” him by the next morning, “they should dismiss the charges” and “admit they cannot count votes.”

He also appeared to have streamed his YouTube show live from the party, speaking to a rotating cast of guests including Roger Stone and Steve Bannon.

Giuliani has since deleted his post on X, but it lives on; Mayes shared a screenshot of it on her account.

Giuliani had also mocked prosecutors earlier this week, saying during the livestream of his YouTube show that their inability to find him is “perfect proof that if they are that incompetent, they can’t find me and can’t count. correctly tuned.”

The former mayor of New York City — who is infamous for popularizing the practice of creating a public spectacle around criminal defendants — claimed he was unfazed by the latest twist in his legal travails. Giuliani’s spokesman, Ted Goodman, told NBC News that the former mayor was not swayed by the efforts to “embarrass” him during his party, and that they “look forward to full vindication soon.”

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This article was originally published on MSNBC.com

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