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Runner beats the setting sun to save dog alone on ‘treacherous’ Hawaii trail, video shows

A trail runner came across a lost dog curled up all alone on a trail on the island of Oahu – and jumped into action to save her.

Sergio Florian found the scared and shivering pup about 1,000 feet above Pu’u Manamana Mountain in the Kaaawa area while training on Wednesday, Feb. 28, he told McClatchy News on Instagram.

She was stuck on the steep cliff and could no longer get up or down the mountain, Florian said in the comments of the video he shared on the platform showing the rescue.

“I found this sweet girl at 300 meters in one of the most precarious parts of one of the most dangerous routes on the island. Steep cliffs and steep slopes in all directions,” he said. “Luckily she let me carry her downstairs. My arms ache tonight, but my heart is overjoyed. I couldn’t leave another living being in such distress.”

The dog was on the “most treacherous part” of the trail, Florian told Island News.

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He carried the 40-pound pup down the steep mountain trail and posted on social media about the dog he found, which eventually led to Florian reuniting her with her owner, a pig hunter.

Floridan said the owner told him his dog, named Stevie, had run away with two of his other dogs while not wearing a collar or protective hog hunting gear. Stevie’s face was injured as a result, Florian said.

Florian searched for the other two dogs the next day and plans to go much deeper into the valley this weekend to look for them, he told McClatchy News.

But for now, he’s happy that he can at least help save Stevie.

“My heart is full tonight,” he said on Instagram. “I like happy endings.”

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