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Russian-made combat trainer plane joins Iranian Air Force

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian news agencies are reporting that a Russian-made YAK-130 combat trainer aircraft is in the country and has joined the air force.

According to ISNA’s report, the advanced combat trainer aircraft can meet the training needs of pilots to learn how to fly 4th generation combat aircraft.

In April, Iran announced it had reached an agreement to buy Su-35 fighter jets from Russia.

Iran and Russia have a close relationship, especially in the field of military equipment.

Iranian drones have been a key element in Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine. Tehran has issued a series of conflicting statements about the drones, first denying that it supplied them to Moscow and then claiming that it only sold drones before the war began. However, the number of drones used in the conflict shows Iran’s ability to deliver bombs continuously in the war.

In June, the White House said Iran is supplying Russia with materials to build a drone factory east of Moscow as the Kremlin tries to secure a steady supply of weapons.

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