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Score and latest US Open updates as world No. 1 wins first set

Carlos Alcaraz will face Dan Evans – AP/Manu Fernandez in the third round

6:39pm BST

View one of the points from the tournament

6:39pm BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 4-3 Evans

ONE OF THE POINTS OF THE TOURNAMENT. Incredible defense from Alcaraz to stay in the rally. He then lifts a lob over Evans, who gets the ball back to Alcaraz’s feet and the Spaniard scores. The crowd rises and disbelieves.

And finally, Evans holds on to end the streak of matches against him.

6:34pm BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 4-2 Evans*

Easy maintenance up to 15 for Alcaraz. Four games in a row now and Evans needs a quick reaction.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Dan Evans Live: Score & Latest US Open Updates As World No. 1 Wins First Set

Carlos Alcaraz returns a shot to Daniel Evans – AP/Manu Fernandez

6:31pm BST

Last Score: Draper 6-4, 6-2, 3-6 Mmoh

Play continues in the stands as the American strikes back to win the third set.

6.30pm BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 3-2 Evans

A double fault from Evans drops him to 0-30. But he finds his way back to 30-30 with a beautifully executed volley after sneaking into the net.

Evans forehand long, 30-40. Alcaraz returns in the net, Deuce. Another break chance for Alcaraz after Evans scores a forehand.

Evans shakes his head as he walks away. The pressure is mounting…

Evans makes a long forehand and Alcaraz breaks again.

6:24pm BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 2-2 Evans*

Chance for Evans with a stretch volley, but he doesn’t make it. Frankly, it was a very good backhand down Alcaraz’s line, 30-30.

Alcaraz goes wide forehand and Evans earns another break point. He really goes on par with the number 1 in the world.

Wowzers. Alcaraz finds the baseline with a blistering forehand down the line. Evans can’t believe it. What an easy power of Alcaraz.

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Abuse warning for Evans after he hit the ball into the crowd when he scored a volley. Alcaraz returns to serve as Evans scores a drop shot.

6:16pm BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 1-2 Evans

It will be interesting to see how Alcaraz responds here.

Backhand into the Alcaraz net, 30-30 as we cross the one-hour mark. Evans double foul. Went too much for his second serve. Breakback point for Alcaraz.

Another double fault and Alcaraz immediately strikes back.

6:13pm BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 0-2 Evans*

Evans sprints forward to catch a drop shot from Alcaraz, the Spaniard lifts a lob, but Evans expertly rounds off with a high backhand smash, 0-30.

Alcaraz gets back on track and makes the match 30-30. Cut backhand from Evans and Alcaraz pushes a long, breaking point backhand.

Alcaraz throws a forehand deep into Evans’ backhand and attacks the net, but the Brit moves to his left and shoots a backhand down the line that Alcaraz can’t get back into play.

Evans breaks and we’ve got a game now.

6:08pm BST

Second set: Alcaraz* 6-2, 0-1 Evans (*indicates next server)

Ideal start to a must-win set from Evans, which he loves. He’s definitely more aggressive and it gives Alcaraz something to think about.

How long can Evans maintain this level?

6:02pm BST

Alcaraz 6-2 Evans*

Alcaraz continues to attack Evans’ backhand, pushing him further behind the baseline. But Evans comes to 30-30 here, which is the best he’s done in this set.

And Evans earns a break point after he goes on the attack with his forehand and makes the mistake. Alcaraz second serve ace on the T. Evans never saw it coming.

Evans attacks the net after Alcaraz’s second serve and the Spaniard scores his backhand pass long after the break point. Alcaraz’s first serve gets him out of trouble this time as Evans fails to get the ball back in play.

Third breakpoint chance for Evans after a deep forehand takes Alcaraz out. He definitely goes for more forehand in the last 10 minutes.

Alcaraz brings his forehand high on Evans’ backhand and he cuts into the net. Frustration is on his face.

Alcaraz forehand winner, set point. Wow. Double fault Alcaraz. Sloppy play from the defending champion.

There will be another set point for Alcaraz and he cannot handle it. Evans comes forward again, staying strong at the net and Alcaraz’s lob goes wide.

Third set point for Alcaraz and he finally gets it when Evans scores a forehand.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Dan Evans Live: Score & Latest US Open Updates

Daniel Evans returns to Carlos Alcaraz – Getty Images/Kena Betancur

5:51 PM BST

Last score: Draper 6-4, 6-2 Mmoh

Ace by Draper to wrap up the second set and move him closer to the fourth round.

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5:50pm BST

Alcaraz* 5-2 Evans

Another soft second serve from Evans is punished by Alcaraz and earns two set points.

A ‘come on’ from Evans after saving the first set point. And he saves the second after a very good first serve down the T, which prevents Alcaraz from getting back into the game.

Evans is forced out of his comfort zone and leveled up to keep up with Alcaraz. He is grinding and finds some first serve to keep himself in the set.

5:41pm BST

Alcaraz 5-1 Evans*

Evans groans at the referee after someone steps into his player box. He is distracted by this when he should be concentrating on what is in front of him.

Another daring half volley from Alcaraz for a winner. The racket head controls and soft hands were beautiful to behold.

Alcaraz moves one game further from the set with a forehand winner.

5:36pm BST

Alcaraz* 4-1 Evans

Evans will want at least one game in this set to build momentum and he’s off to a good start to this game after a brilliant stretch volley winner.

A missed return from Alcaraz made it 40-15 and Evans held on after 21 minutes when Alcaraz’s forehand flew long.

5:33pm BST

Alcaraz 4-0 Evans*

Love grab for Alcaraz in about 70 seconds. Things look ominous for Evans.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Dan Evans Live: Score & Latest US Open Updates

Carlos Alcaraz made a fast start – Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

5:30pm BST

Alcaraz* 3-0 Evans

That’s why he’s number 1. A beautiful deft drop volley from Alcaraz beats Evans.

Alcaraz does a great job rushing Evans into the return and he earns himself three break points. Evans saves the first break point. Then the second with a brave second serve at 180 km/h. But not the third. Evans serves and volleys, Alcaraz sprints to the right and throws a forehand winner over the line.

Alcaraz seems too strong and fast for Evans.

5:26pm BST

Alcaraz 2-0 Evans*

82 percent of Evans’ backhands in the tournament have been sliced. I don’t see this going to have a big impact on Alcaraz, but it will be something he hasn’t had to deal with very often.

A cut three-yard backhand behind Evans’ baseline goes tame into the net and Alcaraz holds on at 30.

5:22pm BST

First set: Carlos Alcaraz* 1-0 Dan Evans (*indicates next server)

Early brain games? Alcaraz won the coin toss and chose to receive first against Evans.

Evans serves from the dark side of the field. But he starts confidently, finds his first serve and moves up to 30-15. Low return from Alcaraz, Evans gets the half volley back in play, but the ball stays nice and straight so Alcaraz can finish the point with a forehand winner.

Deep Alcaraz comes back after a second serve at 150 km/h and Evans can’t get the ball back in play. Breakpoint.

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Timely first serve from Evans to save break point. Alcaraz rushes Evans into a forehand error, second break point.

Missed return from Alcaraz and Evans again saves break point. Evans keeps Alcaraz in the dark about the direction of the serve.

But he made a double fault and gave Alcaraz a third chance to break. Alcaraz finally converts after an entertaining rally ends with an angular winner from the Spaniard.

5:11pm BST

Here we go!

It’s a hot day in New York as the two players walk into Arthur Ashe Stadium for their game.

24 degrees and 47 percent humidity. The shadow on the field will again be a problem for both players.

5:01pm BST

Last score: Draper 6-4 Mmoh

The first set goes to the Briton. Mmoh managed to save two set points, but Draper pulls it off with a forehand winner ahead.

Coming soon Alcaraz vs Evans!

4:51pm BST

Alcaraz on playing Evans

He’s a really tough player. Good serve-and-volley, good net game.

It’s gonna be really tough. I will do my best. If I want to win that game, I’m going to have to come back very, very well.

4:44pm BST

Last score: Draper 4-3 Mmoh

The first break of the match goes in the direction of the Briton. There are many long base rallies between the two players, but it’s a volley into the net from Mmoh that allows Draper to take the lead.

4:29pm BST

Big hit between Draper and Mmoh

4:20pm BST

About last night…

4:12pm BST

US Open betting offers and free bets

Check out these free bets and betting offers that you can use during the tournament.

4:03pm BST

Saturday’s order of play

Arthur Ashe Stadium

5pm UK time (12am local time)

Not before 7pm UK time

Louis Armstrong Stadium

4pm UK time (11am local time)

  • Clara Burel (France) v 2-Aryna Sabalenka

  • 14-Liudmilla Samsonova vs. 17-Madison Keys (USA)

  • Stan Wawrinka (SUI) vs 6-Jannik Sinner (ITA)

Not before 7pm UK time

Read the rest of Saturday’s program here.

3:51pm BST

US Open day four

Hello and welcome to our US Open coverage on day six as four Britons look to reach week two at Flushing Meadows.

First up is Jack Draper, who defeated 17th seed Hubert Hurkacz 6-2, 6-4, 7-5 against Michael Mmoh on Thursday.

Before the tournament, Draper had an arm problem, but he is confident that he can solve the problem.

He said: “There was a big chance that I couldn’t play this week. But we did the scans and sent him home and they said it’s not the same injury so it’s not that serious.

“I work on it a little bit every day. It was a bit sore after my last game, but when the adrenaline starts to flow and I’m clearly playing the US Open, I’ll just put it out of my mind and try my best to play the tennis I want.

Then Dan Evans in Arthur Ashe faces the daunting task of World No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz.

Evans said: “It’s a bit of a pain to have him in the top eight of the draw, but it is what it is. It will be a good match. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m going to play aggressively.

“It is a very difficult draw. He will obviously be the overwhelming favourite, but it’s a good chance to play a very good tennis player on a big stage. That’s what you play tennis for.”

Alcaraz have won both of their previous two encounters in straight sets, but Evans has a better record on the course after the pair played a few holes at Wimbledon.

“Of course his wave is much better than mine, that’s for sure,” said Alcaraz. “We played a little bit before Wimbledon. We had a great time on the course.”

The winner of that match will face British number one Cameron Norrie, who will take on Italy’s world number 61, Matteo Arnaldi.

And Katie Boulter faces Peyton Stearns, a young American to whom she lost in three tie-breaks in a marathon race in Austin, Texas, in February.

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