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Search for escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante continues on day 10

KENNETT SQUARE (CBS) — Just over a week ago, Danelo Cavalcante escaped from prison and has been on the run ever since. Pennsylvania State Police say Danelo Cavalcante was Spotted again this time in the search area on Friday.

As the manhunt continues on Day 10, troops remain stationed every few hundred yards near Longwood and Conservatory Roads.

It was a relatively quiet Saturday near the Kennett Square search area. Pennsylvania State Police helicopters circled the area near Longwood Gardens several times.


Law enforcement officers could be seen along the perimeter with long guns.

“I think they’re doing everything they can, to be honest,” Gina Dezio said.

Cavalcante has now been spotted at least a dozen times since his brazen escape from the Chester County Jail last Thursday.

Police say Friday’s sightings “were actual visual sightings” and were not captured on surveillance cameras.

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“If they see something there and they’ve looked very closely at it, if people just let them do their job, they will find them. They will find them,” Dezio said.

This all comes after a flurry of law enforcement activity Friday evening. Police cannot yet describe in detail what happened at the time, but do say that the perimeter was shifted again on Saturday.

Dezio lives across the street on Baltimore Pike.

“From my window you can see they’re back on the right side,” she said.


Dezio says that other than going for coffee and walking her dog, she will remain in her home until Cavalcante is back in custody.

“It’s nerve-wracking, you know,” Dezio said. ‘I have two garages. One is locked and the other is not. So every morning I watch.”

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Not far away, the 38th annual Mushroom Festival was underway. Organizers and Kennett Square police both say security is being increased as the manhunt continues.

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Police are still calling on the public to report anything suspicious during the search.

They also no longer need food or donations from the community.

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