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Serena Williams ‘super interested’ in investing in WNBA team

Serena Williams has already invested in several sports companies in Los Angeles. (Christopher Polk/Variety via Getty Images)

The rise of women’s basketball has caught the attention of Serena Williams.

The tennis legend and 23-time Grand Slam champion says she is willing to invest her money in the sport.

In an interview with CNN published Monday ahead of the WNBA draft, Williams said she would “absolutely” be interested in investing in a WNBA team.

“I absolutely would be,” Williams said. “With the right market, I would definitely be super interested in that.”

Williams earned approximately $95 million in prize money during her tennis career, and Forbes estimates her net worth at $290 million. She and her husband Alexis Ohanian have used their wealth to invest in multiple sports ventures, including Angel City FC of the National Women’s Soccer League and the Los Angeles Golf Club, a TGL franchise developed by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

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Williams did not discuss any specific interests in investing in the WNBA. The league announced in 2023 that it was expanding into the Bay Area alongside the Golden State Warriors. The team will debut in 2025.

Williams and Ohanian, meanwhile, have previously focused their investment efforts on franchises in the Los Angeles area. The league already has a franchise there in the Sparks. It was not clear from her interview what ‘the right market’ would entail. But Williams sounds ready to seize the right opportunity.

“I think women’s sports is having a moment that it always should have had,” Williams said. “I feel like tennis has had its moment. It’s international, and it’s huge, and it will always be there.

“Now it’s time to take other sports to the next level: women’s soccer, women’s basketball. There are so many other sports that women do so well. Let’s put it on the platform that tennis is on. Women’s basketball is coming, and it has arrived .”

When asked about the potential risks associated with investing in women’s basketball, she mentioned the recent NCAA Tournaments where more viewers tuned in to the women’s national championship between Iowa and South Carolina than the men’s final between UConn and Purdue.

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“There’s no risk,” Williams said. “Women’s sports are exciting, women are exciting to watch. … It’s too safe a bet when it comes to investing.”

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