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Severe weather over Memorial Day weekend brings another tornado to Ohio. Here’s the latest

One tornado touched down in Ohio amid weekend storms that killed five in Kentucky and more than a dozen in multiple states.

Here’s the latest.

Tornado confirmed in Jackson County, Ohio

The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF1 tornado touched down Sunday around 3:30 p.m. in Jackson County, about 115 miles east of Cincinnati and 80 miles south of Columbus.

According to the NWS office in Charleston, West Virginia, which covers part of Ohio, the twister was on the ground for 6.1 kilometers with a maximum wind speed of 150 km per hour and had cut a path 125 meters wide.

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According to NWS surveyors who assessed the scene, the tornado tore part of the roof off a Tractor Supply Co. and flipped a semitrailer in the parking lot. It also caused damage to other buildings and trees.

The Hyman's watch as a tree is removed from their cars on Wrocklage Ave.  after a storm passed through Louisville, Ky. on Sunday, May 26, 2024.

The Hyman’s watch as a tree is removed from their cars on Wrocklage Ave. after a storm passed through Louisville, Ky. on Sunday, May 26, 2024.

Where did the tornado hit in Kentucky? Twisters kill five in the Bluegrass State, and 17 others nationwide

Two tornadoes and related severe weather killed at least five people in Kentucky on Sunday, the Louisville Courier Journal reported. Severe storms damaged property and left tens of thousands of people without power.

The NWS office in Louisville has confirmed two tornadoes: an EF1 in Meade County and an EF0 in Crawford County. Gov. Andy Beshear issued a state of emergency Monday, allowing the state to deploy additional resources such as the National Guard.

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In addition, severe weather over the Memorial Day weekend killed seven people in Texas, eight in Arkansas and two in Oklahoma, USA TODAY reported.

Ohio is inching closer to a record number of tornadoes this year

The Jackson County tornado is the 58th confirmed tornado this year.

The worst year for tornadoes in Ohio was 1992, when 62 tornadoes touched down, according to Brandon Peloquin, warning coordination meteorologist for the NWS Wilmington office.

The strongest that year was an EF4 tornado that struck Van Wert County in western Ohio on February 18. With winds of 166 to 200 mph, the tornado was on the ground for 2.8 miles and caused six injuries but no fatalities. According to Tornado Talk, it destroyed a house, a mobile home and two cars and damaged nine homes.

Ohio’s tornado season got off to a strong start in 2024

Ohio has endured several strong storms that spawned tornadoes so far this year, including several that popped up before tornado season officially started in April. Here are some of them:

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How are tornadoes confirmed?

After suspected tornadoes are spotted, National Weather Service crews personally investigate possible tornado damage.

According to the weather service, the damage pattern, not how much damage was done, determines whether a tornado occurred. In tornadoes, with their violently rotating columns of air, the damage often has a chaotic appearance, with larger uprooted trees often crossing each other. Weather service surveyors often look at larger tree roots to get a good idea of ​​where the wind was blowing from.

How are tornadoes rated?

The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies tornadoes into the following categories:

  • EF0: Weak, with wind speeds of 100 to 130 km/h

  • EF1: Weak, 86 to 180 km/h

  • EF2: Strong, 180 to 210 km/h

  • EF3: Strong, 136 to 265 km/h

  • EF4: Violent, 266 to 320 km/h

  • EF5: Violent, more than 200 km/h

This article originally appeared on Record-Courier: NWS confirms tornado in Jackson County, Ohio as Buckeye State sets record

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