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SF Mission District craft beer destination bar is moving to Oakland

SAN FRANCISCO — For sixteen years, Monk’s Kettle has been a destination for craft beer lovers on 16th Street in the Mission District. But now that the neighborhood’s dynamics are changing, it’s time to say goodbye, says manager Yomo Daweu.

“Pretty sad to have to leave, but the way things are going in the Mission these days, the outflow of people from this area in particular has reduced foot traffic by maybe a quarter,” Daweu explained.

The decision to move to Oakland stems from the need to adapt to changing customer demographics.

“All the customers who used to live here… all our regulars who lived here, all the artists, the musicians… the demographic that used to live here, they moved to Oakland because it’s a lot cheaper… or were turned away because the tech boom, and guess what? The rent is still up,” Daweu explains.

One of those loyal patrons, Christian Lester of San Carlos, reflected on his connection to Monk’s Kettle.

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“I was surprised – well, not super surprised because business has been bad. There have been times when Yomo and I are the only people here, and he has three customers in a day or something. So I’m sad for them, and I’m still I’ll go there,” Lester shared.

Despite the challenges, Lester sees promise in Monk’s Kettle’s new location in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood.

“Rockridge is a special place and has been that way for a while, so I think it’s a natural for them to go there,” Lester added.

Daweu echoes this sentiment and expresses hope for the future in Oakland.

“The neighborhood there is growing. There’s a lot of families living there. There’s almost five times as much foot traffic as here. It’s a very vibrant area,” Daweu said.

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