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Shelter dogs in Los Angeles County flee to find forever homes

Dogs fly to new forever homes

Dogs fly to new forever homes


It was a big day for some dogs in the Antelope Valley as they boarded a plane Thursday morning to find their new FURever home.

A non-profit organization called my Dog is My CoPilot has made it possible for 33 shelter dogs to be sent to shelters in Montana and Utah where they need animals.

The nonprofit has two planes that fly around the country 5 to 6 days a week, transporting animals from overcrowded shelters to other shelters experiencing shortages.

“Dog is My CoPilot” is just one of several non-profit organizations working with the LA County Department of Animal Care and Control to help shelter dogs find a better life.

This program is a partnership with LA County, Pet Space, and a few other organizations that hope to encourage people to adopt their new furry friend from shelters.

Peter Rork, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and lifelong pilot, co-founded “Pet is my CoPilot” in 2012 with the goal of saving as many animal lives as possible. Rork said they have rescued more than 23,000 dogs and cats with their transport flights since they started.

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“This rescue is a model of collaboration and we hope it will inspire more people to work together for the greater good of our animal friends. These dogs think we are saving them, but in the end they are saving us. They give us a chance to do good. to do and help, to live with a purpose greater than ourselves,” said Peter Rork.

KCAL News spoke to the director of the Montana Humane Society, and she says that of the 22 dogs headed to Montana, most are expected to be adopted Monday.

The remaining 11 dogs go to other shelters.

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