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Shirtless candidate for U.S. Senate immerses himself in Wisconsin lake and taunts opponent

WCCO digital headlines: afternoon of February 29, 2024

WCCO digital headlines: afternoon of February 29, 2024


A shirtless candidate for the U.S. Senate broke through the ice of a Madison lake Thursday, hoping to pour cold water on any notion that he’s a soft-spoken Californian, not a hardy Wisconsinite.

And then Eric Hovde challenged his Democratic opponent, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, to take the plunge too.

Multimillionaire Republican Hovde is trying to counter attacks from Baldwin and Democrats that he is more Golden State than Dairy State. Hovde was born and raised in Wisconsin, but also owns a $7 million estate in Laguna Beach, California, and is CEO of California-based H Bancorp and its main subsidiary, Sunwest Bank.

Hovde posted a video on X on Thursday, he shows him pushing through about a half-inch of ice on Lake Mendota outside a home he owns.

This screenshot from Eric Hovde’s campaign cell phone video shows the U.S. Senate candidate shirtless in the cold waters of Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin on Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Eric Hovde via AP

“It was hard to break through, but it’s good to take a dip here,” Hovde says before pointing the camera at his shirtless torso.

“So the Democrats and Senator Baldwin keep saying I’m not from Wisconsin, which is a complete joke,” a laughing Hovde says into the camera. “Alright Senator Baldwin, why don’t you go to this frozen lake and let’s see who’s from Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesperson Arik Wolk took up the challenge.

“If California bank owner Eric Hovde thinks sitting in a lake will keep us from telling Wisconsinites about his California bank, his mega-mansion in California and his ties to California, then he’s going to be swimming a lot in the next eight months Cloud said. a statement.

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