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Simms QB rankings: Caleb Williams is already ahead of Justin Fields

Simms QB rankings: Caleb Williams was already ahead of Justin Fields and originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Is Caleb Williams already a better quarterback than Justin Fields? Former NFL QB and Pro Football Talk co-host Chris Simms believes so.

Simms has been slowly unveiling his annual QB power rankings this month, and on Tuesday Simms revealed his spots ahead of both Fields and Williams.

At No. 20, Williams is the highest Simms has ever ranked as a rookie in his annual QB list.

“I consider him a natural, a ‘chosen’ type,” Simms explained on his ‘Unbuttoned’ podcast. He has run an offense throughout his college career where it was on his shoulders and he was asked to read the field and check and do things at the line of scrimmage.

“He’s very mature for a quarterback, as far as the game goes.”

Simms went on to praise how Williams had a poor USC team despite its unimpressive win-loss record, and Williams’ mental strength to continue competing at a high level despite the adversity he faced.

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“His physical talent is extraordinary. Exceptional. I also think he has the mentality and maturity to handle Chicago and the new offensive situation.

“I know it might not be perfect in Week 1 or 2, but my bet is that in Week 5 or 6, like we saw with CJ Stroud last year, we’re going to say, ‘Holy crap, Caleb Williams. ”

Simms also took time to highlight Williams’ ability as a rusher, which he said is overshadowed because Williams was in the same draft class as Jayden Daniels.

Simms has questioned Fields’ mechanics since Fields returned to Ohio State. In the past, he has acknowledged Fields’ great upside as a playmaker, but he has also criticized Fields’ lack of consistency.

“You go into it, and you see that, and you start saying, ‘This is great when you see it on ESPN or the NBC Sports highlights,” Simms said when unveiling his QB rankings last year. “Yeah, this one are cool to look at.’ But then you start breaking down the play and saying, “Oh man, he missed this throw,” or “He should have thrown it, but he didn’t throw it.”

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Those criticisms were also true in 2023. But he believes Fields still has a chance to succeed in the NFL despite being relegated to backup duties with the Steelers this year.

“He’s the best quarterback athlete in the NFL right now,” Simms said on “Unbuttoned.” There is no one who can move and run like Justin Fields.

“I like his perseverance, his toughness, his commitment to win a football match. It kind of permeates the film when you watch it. I will never question Justin Fields’ will to win a game.”

Simms believes these intangible qualities help attract teammates to Fields. It’s the kind of leadership that can galvanize a group. Simms also believes Fields has made strides as a pocket passer in his three years with the Bears.

“But it’s still not where you’d want it to be, the bottom line is… He’s still managed, and within his budget he’s still playing at what I would call an average level compared to what we expect from big rookies NFL Quarterbacks.

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“So there is still more work that needs to be done.”

Simms ranked Fields as the No. 23 quarterback in the NFL in both 2023 and 2022.

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