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Sound Baths: New Therapeutic Spa Treatment Hits Philadelphia

New sound-based therapeutic spa treatment arrives in Philadelphia

New sound-based therapeutic spa treatment arrives in Philadelphia


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new kind of therapeutic spa treatment has arrived in Philadelphia, based on sounds. It is a combination of meditation and massage, but also listening to different sounds.

It’s called a healthy bath — but there’s no water — and it’s said to help with things like stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

“I love it,” said Sarah Heffner. “It’s everything, everywhere – all at once.”

Heffner got the sound treatment at the W Hotel’s new ‘Away Spa’.

“It feels like my whole body, from the inside out, is being gently massaged,” she described.

Sound therapy practitioner Luna Maye uses a variety of instruments for what she calls a “cellular massage of sound.”

how-sound-baths-can-produce healing-benefitsrender-frame-2212.jpg
Luna Maye demonstrates some instruments used in a sound bath that she says can relieve stress.

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“It’s something we can do to allow us to embrace a deeper state of calm that doesn’t take too much effort,” Maye said.

She uses sonic instruments, such as singing bowls and an Italian gong, along with vibrations on the forehead. Combined with measured breathing and visualizations, Maye said the sound massage is designed to regulate the nervous system and release tension.

“It lowers cortisol, so it lowers our stress hormones [and] it helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system,” Maye said.

The sound-activated medication costs $275 for an hour.

“It’s a self-care moment,” said Heffner, who added that for her, it’s a stress buster that gives her a boost of confidence and energy. “It feels like a moment to recharge and reset.”

This is different from music therapy. A sound bath uses guided meditation and specific instruments that vibrate, which can provide healing benefits.

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