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South African authorities agree to issue an arrest warrant for Putin

On 21 July, the government of South Africa admitted that it had failed to fulfill its international obligations and refused to immediately issue an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin if he entered the country.

Source: European Pravda with reference to the South African edition of News24

Details: In May, the South African Ministry of Justice had received an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court and, as it has now admitted, should have immediately applied to the prosecutor’s office for a national arrest warrant against Putin. Instead, they chose to start a consultation procedure with the court in The Hague.

At that time, South African and Russian officials publicly stated that Putin could come to the BRICS summit in South Africa despite the ICC order (and South Africa is a party to the court and is obliged to comply).

In this regard, the opposition Democratic Alliance party went to court to oblige the authorities to apply for an arrest warrant against Putin.

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On Friday, the court confirmed that South African authorities have applied to the prosecutor’s office for a search warrant. This means that the President of Russia will now be arrested if he decides to come to South Africa.

The Democratic Alliance, commenting on the notice published by the Gauteng court, said it was public pressure that contributed to South African authorities fulfilling their obligations under the Rome Statute.

Earlier: It was revealed that the Russian president decided “by mutual agreement” not to go to the BRICS summit in the Republic of South Africa, where he should have been arrested by order of the International Criminal Court.

Information emerged last week that South Africa had asked Russia to send Lavrov instead of Putin, but was refused.

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