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South Korea summons Russian ambassador over pact with Pyongyang

South Korea has officially protested to Russia against its new partnership deal with North Korea and demanded an immediate end to military cooperation with Pyongyang.

Two days after the Russian president Vladimir Putin During his visit to North Korea, the Foreign Ministry summoned Moscow’s ambassador to Seoul, Georgy Zinoviev, on Friday.

Vice Foreign Minister Kim Hong Kyun conveyed the government’s willingness to work with the international community to take decisive action against any behavior that threatens the people of South Korea, the ministry said.

North Korea has been illegally developing nuclear weapons and missiles for decades and has threatened to use them against its neighbor.

Any cooperation that directly or indirectly helps North Korea expand its military capabilities is a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions against Pyongyang, Kim said.

He also warned of negative consequences for relations between Russia and South Korea, saying that “Russia must act responsibly.”

Attempts to intimidate Russia were unacceptable, Zinoviev said through his embassy in a message on X after he was summoned.

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The ambassador said that “the cooperation between Russia and North Korea is not directed against any third country.”

South Korea has already condemned Russia’s agreement with North Korea on a comprehensive strategic partnership signed by the parties in Pyongyang on Thursday. The treaty also provides for mutual assistance in the event of war.

According to Seoul, the agreement also aims to strengthen military cooperation. South Korean National Security Advisor Chang Ho Jin indicated that his country may drop its previous refusal to supply weapons to Ukraine.

South Korea is participating in international financial sanctions against Russia over its war against Ukraine. However, the country does not export weapons to Ukraine after Putin threatened dire consequences for South Korean arms shipments there.

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