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Stowaway snake causes delays for high-speed train in Japan

April 17 (UPI) — One of Japan’s famously punctual high-speed trains experienced a rare 17-minute delay when a snake was found in a passenger car.

The Central Japan Railway Company said the train arrived in Tokyo from Nagoya and its departure to Osaka was called off when a passenger alerted station staff to the presence of a 16-inch hose sliding through a passenger car.

The train, a Shinkansen bullet train, was taken out of service, causing more than 600 passengers to be delayed by 17 minutes while another train was deployed on the route.

The snake was captured, but the exact type of snake found on board the vehicle has not yet been revealed. Officials said they are investigating how the slippery stowaway ended up on the train.

“It is difficult to imagine wild snakes somehow climbing onto the train at any of the stations. We have rules against bringing snakes into the shinkansen,” a spokesperson for Central Japan Railway told The Japan Times. “But we don’t check passengers’ luggage.”

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