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Strawberry residents hunker down as the wind and snow hit the Sierra

Snow and wind make it difficult to drive to Echo Summit

Snow and wind make it difficult to drive to Echo Summit


ECHO SUMMIT – On Highway 50, some foothills see no snow, but towards Echo Summit it’s a different story.

Echo Summit seemed fine until you got to the pass itself. Once past Strawberry things get tricky. Luckily there weren’t many cars on the road, which is good news for the full-time residents on the mountain.

Mary and Jeff Wyckoff are used to these types of storms. In Strawberry they are bunkered and ready to go.

“We have plenty of wood, so we have a wood stove,” Jeff said. ‘We’re covered. ​​If we lose the power, we have the generator, we have the wood. If we lose the generator, we have another generator and the wood.”

They have lived in Strawberry for seven years, but this storm is unique for one reason: the blistering winds that can make a drive to Echo Summit difficult.

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“A lot of these trees are unstable from the fire, so the heavy snow really makes the trees sway and there’s a good chance they could fall,” Mary said.

Although some came up to experience the joy of snow, skiing was not recommended.

“If you don’t have to go, don’t go. We’re going to have a lot of snow all March,” said John O’Connell with Caltrans District 3.

That wasn’t an option on Friday either.

“We were very impressed with the ski areas being closed to keep people from coming up,” Mary said.

This is good news for the Wyckoff’s, who believe Caltrans, PG&E and other utilities were ahead of the curve during this storm.

‘That usually prevents many accidents and search and rescue operations. They tried to prepare. It was good,” Mary said.

CBS13 spoke with a few drivers off camera who agreed the snow wasn’t the problem. It’s when the wind is blowing and you can’t see the edges of the road or the cars coming down. This is why the recommendation to wait until the storm passes is so strong.

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