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Study looks at the best cities for solar energy. This is how Georgia scored.

With technological advancements and growing fears surrounding climate change, there is a great push for alternative energy sources, such as solar energy.

And as more people consider solar energy as an option, is Georgia prepared to meet the demand?

Roof Gnome, a company specializing in roofing services and solar installations, recently conducted a survey of the best cities for solar energy, and several cities in Georgia ranked low in terms of solar friendliness.

The survey gave more than 400 major U.S. cities a score out of 100 based on metrics such as incentives, affordability, solar-friendly climate and equipment/installation capabilities. Eight cities in Georgia were evaluated and received the following scores:

  • August: 30.84%

  • Columbus: 30.24%

  • Warner Robins: 30.23%

  • Athens: 28.01%

  • Atlanta: 27.68%

  • Macon: 25.92%

  • Savannah: 25.64%

  • Roswell: 25.54%

Although Georgia gets its fair share of sunshine, states with cities that score higher are sunnier and have historically been friendlier to alternative energy sources. However, several factors came into play, including the annual percentage of sunshine, utility savings and the total square footage of solar-capable roofs.

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Roswell ranked near the bottom in available incentives, while Macon, Savannah and Athens ranked in the top 50. Atlanta ranked in the bottom 10 for roof viability. Columbus and Warner Robins ranked in the bottom 20 in equipment and installation. Atlanta and Warner Robins rank in the top 50 for affordability. Athens and Columbus were in the top 100 for impact.

Best Cities for Solar Power, According to Roof Gnome

These were the five best cities for solar energy overall:

  1. phoenix with 65.3%.

  2. Houston with 62.66%.

  3. Los Angeles with 61.32%.

  4. San Diego with 54.83%.

  5. San Antonio with 52.81%.

The bottom five cities were all in Washington state. Here’s how they ranked (from worst to best):

  1. Redmond with 14.91%.

  2. Kirkland with 16.04%.

  3. Bellevue with 16.93%.

  4. Bellingham with 17.21%.

  5. Everett with 17.63%.

This article originally appeared in the Augusta Chronicle: Georgia scores below average for solar energy in Roof Gnome study

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