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Suspect charged with murder after victim dies a month after brutal rape on the canals of Venice

Suspect in Venice canal attacks charged with murder after victim dies

Suspected attacks on Venice canals charged with murder after victim dies


Los Angeles County prosecutors on Tuesday amended charges against the man accused of brutally raping two women in Venice’s canals last month.

The LA County District Attorney’s Office initially charged 29-year-old Anthony Francisco Jones with seven different crimes:

  • Two cases of forcible rape
  • One count of sexual penetration by use of force
  • One count of chaos
  • One count of torture
  • One attempted murder
  • One case of sodomy by use of force

However, prosecutors added a murder charge after one of the victims, Sarah Alden, died from her injuries on May 24. The LA County district attorney added special circumstances allegations that he committed forcible rape and forcible sodomy during the commission of the murder.

“We are committed to seeking justice for both victims of these heinous crimes,” said District Attorney George Gascón. “The additional murder charge carries a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole, in addition to the life sentences for the aforementioned crimes.”

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Jones, described by police as a transient, allegedly attacked the two women on April 6. Investigators alleged that he knocked the two women unconscious with a hard object before sexually assaulting them. Gascón said Jones kicked one of the victims and stood over her throat after she regained consciousness. The prosecutor described it as “the most horrific sexual assaults” he has ever seen.

“Our hearts and deepest condolences go out to the victim’s family and friends at this unimaginably tragic time,” District Attorney Gascón said.

Both victims, Alden and 54-year-old Mary Klein, suffered significant injuries.

“I think he tried to kill me, tried to strangle me and knocked me out,” Klein said.

One of the victims, Mary Klein, suffered significant injuries. Doctors closed her mouth after she was brutally attacked.

Jones is being held without bail as he awaits his day in court, scheduled for June 11.

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