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Take a look at Ukraine’s new mine-resistant armored vehicle, the Inguar-3

  • A Ukrainian defense company has unveiled a new armored fighting vehicle.

  • The Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle is called the Inguar-3.

  • It was built specifically for military use in close cooperation with the Special Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian defense company Inguar has unveiled its latest armored fighting vehicle, the Inguar-3.

The Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle “is a light tactical vehicle designed to excel in a variety of military environments,” manufacturer Inguar says on its website.

It adds that the “state-of-the-art” vehicle was developed with the help of Ukraine’s special forces and “following wartime requirements.”

“With its innovative monocoque body design, the Inguar3 vehicle is available in many variations and comes in two chassis versions: the 4×4 and the 6×6, both designed to tackle urban and off-road challenges with equal ease,” the company says.

“Whether deployed in escort, reconnaissance or rapid response operations, the Inguar3 delivers unwavering performance and reliability, making it invaluable on the battlefield,” he added.

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According to military news website Defense-Blog, the armored truck is equipped with a 356-horsepower Deutz engine, multiple cameras and night vision capabilities, while the steel and aluminum armor helps protect the crew and ensures it doesn’t add too much. a lot of weight.

soldiers in camouflage near armored vehicle on dirt road

Ukrainian soldiers train on a US-supplied MaxxPro MRAP.Carl Court/Getty Images

MRAPs were among the most popular military vehicles used by Ukraine in the conflict, which was characterized by the widespread use of minefields.

But until now they have had to rely on Western-donated versions such as the US-made MaxxPro, which a Ukrainian soldier previously told The Times was “almost indestructible.”

“The MaxxPros are like a red rag to the Russians, they are targeting them with everything they have,” he said, adding that one of the vehicles was hit by shelling and another by mortars, but “everyone inside survived. “

“They really saved the lives of our soldiers,” he said.

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