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Tax credit payments could hit Minnesotans’ accounts this week

Tax credit payments may be coming into bills this week

Tax credit payments may be coming into bills this week


MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesotans should keep an eye on their bank accounts – a down payment could be on its way soon.

The state said it is about to begin sending tax refund payments to families in Minnesota. Officials said direct deposits will begin this week, followed by paper checks.

Taxpayers don’t have to apply for the rebate — the Minnesota Department of Revenue uses information from the 2021 tax year to determine your eligibility and send payments.

Fitness is based on income. If you earned $75,000 or less, expect a check for $260. Couples earning $150,000 or less will receive $520. Parents in those income brackets will receive an additional $260 per child, for up to three children. So the maximum possible credit for a family is $1,300.

“This discount will help millions of Minnesota residents pay for everyday expenses such as groceries, school supplies, rent or childcare,” said tax commissioner Paul Marquart last month. “We know it will be very valuable to many people and we look forward to sending payments in the early fall.”

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The tax refund payments are part of the $3 billion One Minnesota budget signed in May.

Gov. Tim Walz is expected to provide more details on the payments on Wednesday.

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