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‘Taylor Swift: Eras Tour’ concert film breaks AMC record for first-day presales with $26 million, beating ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

UPDATE, AFTER EXCLUSIVE: AMC reports that the Taylor Swift: The Eras tour concert film made a stunning impression $26 million for the circuit in presale in the first 24 hours, beating their previous first day presale record Spider-Man: No Way Home which raised $16.9 million. Let’s write that down again: this huge presale figure is only for AMC. It’s not for the entire industry and other circuits like Regal, Cinemark and Harkins – which means the figure is significantly larger. However, realize that with 568 locations, AMC represents the largest footprint for movie theaters in the domestic BO.

AMC reports that less than three hours after the tickets went on sale Taylor Swift: The Eras tourit was already broken Spider-Man: No Way Homes file. The picture will play at least four showtimes daily at the AMC on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when the start of a four-weekend run takes place.

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Triple note here with AMC’s maneuvers with the Taylor Swift: Eras Tour concert photo: It is the exhibitors who win 100% this time; not the studios that have no part in this picture.

Fandango reports that separately Taylor Swift: The Eras tour broke the ticket seller’s first-day sales for 2023 and is among their first-day pre-sellers, including Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spider-Man: No Way Home and others.

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“Taylor Swift gives movie fans and the entire industry the ultimate gift to spend Taylor Swift: The Eras tour concert film to the big screen,” said Jerramy Hainline, SVP, Fandango Ticketing. “Not only is Taylor Swift’s concert movie the best first day ticket seller of the year on Fandango, but the concert movie also performs like the superhero she is and ranks among the best first day ticket sellers of all time from franchises like Marvel. Star Wars, DC Comics and more.”

PREVIOUS EXCLUSIVE, August 31: Since going on sale this morning at 7:15 a.m. CT, ticket presale for AMC’s concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras tour are well over $10 million and more are coming, sources say. At the end of the day, this presale figure will be vastly north of what we’re seeing now. Swift’s presale buries Trafalgar’s one-weekend play gross here BST: Yet to come, who made $8 million earlier this year.

Watch a trailer of The Eras Tour, which hits theaters in October, below.

This huge pre-sale figure for the four-weekend play pictured has distribution executives falling off their seats and reaching for their Just calculators. They’re trying to figure out how this concert film, which will be distributed to the top three circuits, and possibly more theaters, will fare in its opening weekend, based on what will largely be a marketing campaign fueled by the social media of circuits and e-mail messages to loyalty clubs. and Swift herself.

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What does The Eras Tour even comp regarding presale?

“Some Marvel movie,” adds a distribution guru.

They’re right: days before Eternals opened, presales totaled $13 million. But The Eras Tour is ready to go crazy higher. Keep that in mind Star Wars: The Force Awakens made $20 million on its first day of pre-sales — nine weeks after its 2015 release date!

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'Best of Both Worlds concert'

‘Best of Both Worlds concert’

Sure, AMC doesn’t have the marketing spend of a major studio à la Disney, Sony, and Paramount, who opened up their respective docu-concert films to huge numbers, that is, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: the best of both worlds Concert ($31 million opening, $65.2 million closing in 2008), Michael Jackson’s This is it ($23.2 million, $72 million in 2009) and Justin Bieber: Never say never ($29.5 million at opening, $73 million domestic in 2011).

“They don’t need that,” exclaimed a distribution boss today of the photo’s P&A expenses. “All AMC needs is for Taylor Swift to post about the movie on social media to her fans.”

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AMC said in the pre-release that it will limit other Hollywood picture showtimes due to the presence of the Swift movie, for which a separate movie ticket sales portal has been created to meet the huge demand. Also, AMC Stubs members do not get priority treatment when it comes to passing the movie or direct access to the queue.

Taylor Swift: The Eras tour concert film will not compete with that of Universal/Blumhouse/Morgan Creek The exorcist: believer on its opening weekend, that female horror movie had just been moved to Oct. 6, within minutes of Deadline’s story being posted. However, Swift will face off against Lionsgate Ordinary angels on October 13, then against Apple/Paramount’s Killers of the Flower Moon on October 20, and Uni/Blumhouse’s theatrical day and date of Five nights at Freddy’s on October 27. The Eras Tour is actually the only wide release during the first weekend of November, with Dune: part two now in March 2024.

AMC, which hired Variance Films to book the film, did not respond to Deadline’s request for comment about the Swift pre-sale.

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