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The 8-year-old sole survivor of the bus crash in South Africa will be released from hospital

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The 8-year-old lone survivor of a bus crash that killed at least 45 people in South Africa before the Easter weekend will be released from hospital Wednesday, health officials said.

Atlang Siako is expected to travel to her home in neighboring Botswana, from where the bus was en route last Thursday to an annual Easter pilgrimage that draws hundreds of thousands of followers of the Zion Christian Church.

The bus drove off a bridge near the village of Mokopane in the northern province of Limpopo, fell more than 50 meters and caught fire when it hit the rocks below, killing the driver and all passengers except Siako.

Health officials are still working to identify the burned remains of those killed in the accident. At least eight bodies have been identified, officials said, as they continue to conduct tests to identify the others.

Limpopo provincial health minister Phophi Ramatuba told reporters on Wednesday that doctors were happy with Siako’s condition and she could return home to Botswana.

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“She is in a position where we can now release her to her home because at the same time the psychological impact of being away from home has an impact on total, complete healing,” Ramatuba said.

“We want her to make a full recovery, but she is doing well. She is still in a lot of pain, but we are happy with her condition,” she said.

Ramatuba confirmed that at least 35 bodies had been recovered from the scene and officials were trying to identify them so they could be repatriated to Botswana.

The Botswana government has announced it will hold national memorial services for the victims across the country.

“The decision to hold a nationwide memorial service was taken in recognition of the fact that the tragedy of losing 45 lives at once would have affected not only the families and relatives of the victims, but the entire nation,” the agency said. from Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi in a statement.

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“It is a national tragedy,” the statement added.

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