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The German Deutsche Bahn plans to use transparent noise barriers

The German state railway company Deutsche Bahn plans to use transparent noise barriers in cities and on tourist routes in the future.

Passengers will be able to enjoy a view of the countryside thanks to the transparent plastic wall elements, while residents will no longer have to live with gray walls on their doorstep, Deutsche Bahn said on Wednesday when announcing the new plans.

The company presented a corresponding model at the Greentech Festival technology fair in Berlin. The first barriers will be installed this year along the new S4 suburban railway line in Hamburg, the company said.

The transparent walls insulate up to 37 decibels of noise caused by passing trains. They are therefore “highly absorbent” and suitable for widespread use along railway lines, the company said.

“With the transparent noise barrier, municipalities no longer have to choose between appearance and functionality,” says Berthold Huber, member of the board of directors of rail infrastructure.

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It remained unclear to what extent the new walls will initially be used. It is expected that existing conventional noise barriers will not be replaced for the time being.

The transparent walls are more expensive due to their more complex production. However, according to Deutsche Bahn, higher acceptance rates should lead to faster schedule approval procedures, which in turn could save costs.

The noise barriers were developed by the Italian company Phononic Vibes and the Bahnbau Group, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn.

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