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The Pulse of CBS Philadelphia: Watch the top stories from September 4-8

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This week, police continue to search for an escaped killer, record-breaking heat has forced schools across the Philly area to close early, and more.

Here’s what our team has been working on this week:

Convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante escapes from prison

Danelo Cavalcante has been on the run for over a week after escaping from the Chester County Jail last week.

Cavalcante, who was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, escaped from prison by climbing up a wall in the garden. He was then able to escape by getting past barbed wire – the same way another prisoner briefly escaped earlier this year.

Reportedly, Cavalcante has been spotted several times since the escape. The last was Thursday around Longwood Gardens.

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The escape has left businesses and residents of Chester County on edge as police continue their manhunt.

A Chester County couple worries about the need for change after two inmates escape


Heat recording in the Philly area

It may be September, but this week feels like the middle of summer in the Delaware Valley.

The heat wave has hit the region hard, forcing schools from Philadelphia to Quakertown in Bucks County to discharge students early under the sweltering conditions.

The students go back to school

It was a big week for students and faculty in Philadelphia. The new academic year started on Tuesday.

Chief Inspector Dr. Tony Watlington had risen in good spirits and early at the Southwest Philadelphia district bus depot to invite the drivers on their first route of the day.

Watlington is also a former school bus driver. He came to the bus depot to thank the drivers for keeping Philly moving.

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Watlington said he’s used to getting up this early to go for a run on the Schuylkill River Trail or do some CrossFit.

“It’s the most exciting day of the school year, the first day is the most exciting,” Watlington said. “The second most exciting day is the graduation ceremony.”

Philadelphia Superintendent Tony Watlington kicks off the school year


Eagles vs. New England Patriots in Week 1

After a Super Bowl LVII, the Eagles return to the playing field this week to take on the New England Patriots in Week 1.

The game airs on CBS at 4:25 p.m

Expectations for the Birds will be high this season. They are the favorites to go back to the Super Bowl from the NFC, and along the way “want to get everyone’s best punch”.

Tune in for everything you need to know for the Eagles-Patriots game on Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. for Toyota Sunday Kickoff. Then don’t miss CBS News Philadelphia’s post-game coverage on Sports Zone on Sunday night after the evening news.

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Eagles-Patriots: NFC champions ready to take on the toughest NFL program in New England


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