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This bar was craft beer “heaven” in Meridian for almost a decade. It just closed

It was a different era when The Growler Guys opened in Meridian.

The craft brewing industry had experienced explosive growth. Growler gas stations had popped up in grocery stores and gas stations. Filling up a reusable beer keg to take home seemed like a fun idea.

But times are changing. Growlers are a relatively rare phenomenon these days.

This also applies to filler companies like The Growler Guys. So it’s not exactly a shock that after nearly a decade, the beer-focused bar or taproom – whatever you want to call it – has closed. According to the Facebook page, the last day at 2020 E. Overland Road was Sunday, March 3.

Not that it won’t be missed.

“Oh no! We love this place,” one commenter wrote. “…It’s great to bring our dog.”

“Had a great time there many…” added another.

The Growler Guys, headquartered in Oregon, sells franchises. The Meridian store owners took over the spot five years ago, according to the social media post: “We met some great people along the way, shared so many great stories and so many great beers! We are at a time in life where we need to take a step back and shift our focus to other priorities.”

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The Growler Guys was a destination for fans of craft beer and hard cider.

The Growler Guys was a destination for fans of craft beer and hard cider.

When the Meridian location first debuted in 2015, it was “beer heaven,” as a Yelp reviewer once described it. (Even though Yard House at The Village at Meridian has many more taps: 140.) The Growler Guys had 54 handles when it opened: 42 beers, six ciders, three kombucha, two sodas and one cold brew. You can hang out and drink pints. Or you can quickly take half a liter with you. Oh, and The Growler Guys also filled 32-ounce aluminum “crowlers.” Do you remember that one?

The concept feels dated nine years later. Seriously, how many beer lovers now have 64-ounce glass growlers gathering dust on a shelf in the garage? (Stainless steel is the best choice anyway.)

Yet there is at least one Treasure Valley company nominally dedicated to the refill concept. Boise’s CopenRoss Growlers, 5120 W. Overland Road, has 60 taps in the Hillcrest Shopping Center. It also serves food, which technically makes it a restaurant.

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So what will happen to the former Growler Guys space in Meridian? It seems possible that it could reopen as some sort of beer bar, right?

“Stay tuned for more updates,” the Facebook post said.

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