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“Trash House” causes concern and frustration in the Fairfax neighborhood

Over the past decade, piles of bags filled with what appears to be empty cleaning products, clothes and random household junk outside the home, dubbed the “Trash House,” have left a Fairfax neighborhood frustrated and homeowner concerned.

“You can see the bags of garbage,” said businessman Ivan. “It’s pretty sad. I don’t know how that person or family lives like that.”

Just south of the hustle and bustle of Melrose Avenue, in the 600 block of Martel Avenue, the house sits surrounded by junk and trash among a handful of large, newly built homes.

“Sometimes when I pass by, especially after the rain, you can see some of it seeping into the street,” said neighbor Manny Berrios. “As far as I know, nothing seems to be done about it. It’s just an eyesore if you ask me.”

The city and a county representative said officials have been notified of the situation. They have called on several city agencies to help and get involved in the neighborhood.

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Ownership records show the same person has owned the house for almost 30 years. A neighbor who asked to remain anonymous said he knows who lives there.

“He’s an eyesore, but he’s a sweet man,” the neighbor said. “I feel sorry for someone who is a lovely person but clearly has mental health issues.”

The city’s Building and Safety Department cited the homeowner in 2014 for violations including too much trash on the property, excessive vegetation, open storage and no driveway access.

The city eventually cleaned up the mess and left the homeowner with the bill.

“I’ve lived in the area for 12 years and the house has been like this pretty much the entire time I’ve been here,” the neighbor said. “It was cleaned once and then it returned to the condition it was in.”

KCAL News attempted to call the homeowner but received no response. The city council said it was prepared to take action again.

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“I think the sooner something is done about it, the better,” Berrios said.

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