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Trump accuser Fani Willis survives Georgia primaries

Fani Willis, the Fulton district attorney overseeing Georgia’s sweeping criminal case against Donald Trump and his allies for attempting to overturn the 2020 election, has survived her Democratic primary for re-election.

Willis and Judge Scott McAfee who won his primary on Tuesday – are central figures in the prosecution of the former president and associates close to him accused of conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Willis will now face Republican attorney Courtney Kramer in November. With her high name recognition, the benefits of an established position and significant fundraising, Willis’ victory in the primaries was not very surprising.

The most prominent — and sweeping — charge, filed in a grand jury indictment in August 2023, alleged that Trump and 18 co-defendants violated Georgia’s racketeering law in a criminal conspiracy to unlawfully alter the outcome of the election.

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Trump allies, including attorneys Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro, were also charged with forgery in connection with their efforts to send fake pro-Trump electors to represent swing states that had in fact elected Joe Biden.

Willis’ role in pursuing the most extensive prosecution against Trump has brought her under scrutiny. In March, the prosecutor Willis hired to lead the case, Nathan Wade, resigned after revelations about a romantic relationship between him and Willis threatened to derail the prosecution.

Last week, the Georgia appeals court agreed to consider an appeal from Trump’s defense to throw Willis off the case amid the allegations of unethical conduct.

During the prosecution, Willis also faced a barrage of threats and intimidation. In May, a California resident was charged with threatening to injure Willis over her role in the prosecution of Trump and his allies.

The Associated Press contributed to the reporting

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