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Trump calls the trial in New York a ‘disaster’ for the US

STORY: :: Donald Trump says his hush money lawsuit is ‘a disaster for our country.’

:: May 20, 2024

:: New York

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Everyone’s talking about it. This is what we have. We have an acting judge, appointed by the Democrats, by the club, and they’re holding me now, this is our The fourth week , soon to be the fifth week that we’re not campaigning. But you saw what happened, what just took place in that court. And hopefully the motion to dismiss this trial will go forward, because this trial is a disaster for our country for the state New York, for New York City.”

‘I think things are going very well. We have asked for the case to be terminated. This matter must be ended. This cannot go anywhere, it must end now. And New York State must be New York State cannot let this happen. No crimes have been committed. And I want to campaign again. I represent millions, hundreds of millions of people.”

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The prosecution’s key and final witness, former Trump fixer Michael Cohen, acknowledged on his final day of testimony that he pocketed the bulk of a sum of money intended for a tech company that did work for Trump’s company .

Cohen’s admission that he stole from his then-boss, which was first brought up by lawyers during cross-examination, could damage his credibility with jurors who will be tasked with deciding whether to find Trump guilty in the first trial of a former American president.

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