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Ukraine extends emergency aid to Poland’s energy system

The Ukrainian energy system provided emergency aid to Poland on March 1.

Source: Ministry of Energy of Ukraine

Details: On March 1, Poland requested emergency assistance. Ukraine provided assistance from 10am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm, with a total capacity of 1540 MWh.

Ukraine is not experiencing a shortage of energy capacity, with 14 units of electricity generation equipment of thermal power plants in reserve, including 11 units and three units of electricity generation equipment of thermal and combined heat and power plants, which will be switched on if necessary.

In addition, commercial import and export of electricity is planned that day. Electricity imports amount to 153 MWh and exports to Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Hungary amount to 8,779 MWh.

Background: In February, on some days Ukraine exported more electricity than it imported in the course of a day.

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