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US Senate candidate drops out after personal tragedy

U.S. Senate candidate Clark White ended his campaign after his wife died unexpectedly, Rob Axson, chairman of the Utah Republican Party, announced Wednesday.

Axson broke the news to eight other Republican candidates and a room full of state delegates during a panel discussion hosted by the Eagle Forum in Orem.

White’s wife, Brandy Camille DeBruin White, died the morning of Sunday, April 7, according to her obituary. She is survived by her husband and their two young boys, ages 1 and 6. The oldest son has cerebral palsy, Axson said, a brain condition that occurs at an early age and impairs muscle movement.

The tragedy “made it necessary for him to drop out of the race,” Axson said. “I would ask that we remember Clark White and his two sons in our prayers and ensure that as Utahns we step forward to support people in their challenging times and especially in their unforeseen tragedies.”

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Axson gave attendees interested in helping White’s family a donation to a relief fund.

During his response to the panel’s first question, U.S. Senate candidate Josh Randall acknowledged the loss.

“First of all, I’m a little disturbed to hear the news that one of our fellow candidates lost his wife this past week,” Randall said. “That’s difficult news to hear right before you answer these questions.”

White filed his declaration of candidacy with the state on January 2. The motto of his campaign, which focused on political corruption, was: ‘Help me do something better!’

White said he worked two jobs to support his family. One of those, according to his LinkedIn, was as a maintenance technician at Gossner Foods in Logan.

On Wednesday, White posted on X: “The light in my world is gone. I love you, Brandy, with all my heart.”

The number of Republicans running in the Republican primaries to replace Senator Mitt Romney now stands at ten.

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