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US urges Iran to stop selling drones to Russia – FT

The United States urges Iran to stop selling strike drones to Russia as part of talks on a broader “unwritten understanding” between Washington and Tehran to de-escalate tensions and contain a long-simmering nuclear crisis .

This is stated in a report by the British newspaper the Financial Times, published on August 16.

The administration of US President Joe Biden raised the issue with the Islamist regime during indirect talks in Qatar and Oman this year, according to people briefed on the matter, the FT reported.

The talks came alongside negotiations on a prisoner exchange deal that led to Tehran transferring four Iranian-American citizens from prison to house arrest last week, the people said.

According to an Iranian official and another person briefed on the talks, the United States wants Iran to stop supplying Russia with the attack drones that Moscow is using in the war in Ukraine, as well as supplying spare parts for the unmanned aerial vehicle.

The official added that Tehran – which officially denies that its drones are used in Ukraine – had repeatedly asked Moscow to stop using drones in the conflict, but Washington wanted “more concrete steps”.

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The negotiators hope that the indirect talks will lead to both sides agreeing on de-escalating measures. For Iran, this would mean agreeing not to enrich uranium beyond 60% purity, improving cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and pledging not to target Americans, the Iranian official and another person said. was aware of the talks.

In return, Washington would refrain from imposing new sanctions in some areas, except those related to human rights, and would not strictly enforce pre-existing sanctions on oil sales, the Iranian official said.

Iran’s aid to Russia in the war against Ukraine: what is known

The US newspaper Wall Street Journal reported at the end of April that Iran has delivered more than 300,000 artillery shells and about a million ammunition to Russia via cargo ships in the past six months.

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In exchange for weapons to continue its full-scale war against Ukraine, Russia is supplying Iran with cyber weapons, Western weapons “captured on the battlefield” and helping to develop its missile program.

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Earlier, a joint investigation by Protocol and the RZVRT YouTube channel reported that Russia is producing Iranian kamikaze drones in the special economic zone in Alabuga, Tatarstan.

According to one of the sources of the journalists, the contract with Iran can be estimated at 115-130 billion rubles (up to 1.45 billion dollars). Currently, parts for the kamikaze drones are supplied from Iran and assembled in Alabuga.

British intelligence has also reported that Russia has likely moved from small shipments of Iranian UAVs by air to larger shipments by ship across the Caspian Sea.

Intelligence sources confirmed that the Russians, with Iranian support, are also working to start domestic production of Shaheds.

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US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on June 9 that, according to US intelligence, Iran would provide Russia with materials to build a drone factory to ensure a steady supply of weapons for the war against Ukraine.

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On June 12, NV reported that a 2023 Chinese-made part had been found in the downed Iranian kamikaze drone.

Cyrillic script was visible in the wreckage of several Shahed drones shot down during recent Russian airstrikes, indicating they were made in Russia, Natalia Humeniuk, head of the joint coordination press center of the southern armed forces, said on July 26.

On August 8, Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa called on his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, not to supply Russia with weapons for its war against Ukraine.

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