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USA’ and ‘Project Runway’ make for a big reality TV overview.

From participating in physical challenges to playing the social experiment game to designing fresh new looks, Thursday’s reality shows always have plenty to offer. But throw in some big bangers, some not-so-lucky viewers, and an elimination that wasn’t Real an elimination, and there’s plenty to talk about this week.

Big Brother

Blue Kim and Jag Bains were on the chopping block Big Brother. (CBS)

It was day 30 on CBS Big Brotherand with some major alliances rising to the surface and several others lurking just below, there was a lot of indecision and drama surrounding who would be next to go home.

On Thursday, it came down to Blue Kim and Jag Bains on the chopping block. After much back and forth in the house about who to save, and after both houseguests made their pleas to the group about why they deserved a further shot at $750,000, it was announced that Jag was evicted 10-0, in what situation whatsoever. was the fourth consecutive unanimous vote this season. Which brings us to…

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Winner of the evening: Jag. Wait, why is Jag the winner of the night? Well, because shortly after his eviction, a Comic-verse broadcast (check this out for more on the multiverses) announced that the BB Power of Invincibility had been activated and Jag had been rescued.

Loser of the evening: All viewers And houseguests who had already passed an episode of deliberation for an eviction that was immediately reversed.

The challenge: the US

A spectacle seems to be brewing between Tyler Crispen and Alyssa Snider in The Challenge: USA

A spectacle seems to be brewing between Tyler Crispen and Alyssa Snider The challenge: the US. (CBS)

Speaking of Big Brotherabout The challenge: the US it seems that a love bond develops between the former BB houseguests Alyssa Snider and Tyler Crispen. Which brings us to…

Quip of the evening: “Being on a show Big Brother, that was extremely hard for my game. So we’re not doing that again, but Tyler, I’m really enjoying getting to know him,’ Alyssa said. And why is that the joke of the evening? Because it’s either a hard rejection for Tyler or a few words she could end up eating if she and Tyler Doing taking things to the next level.

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As for the rest of the episode, it came down to an elimination challenge between Survivor alum Michaela Bradshaw and Big Brother veteran Tiffany Mitchell. They played a game called Top Heavy where they were strapped to the top of a large beam and had to shift their weight back and forth to grab balls and shoot baskets.

Tiffany said she felt “an elemental player against LeBron James,” which ended up being a pretty accurate description of her performance as she lost and was sent home. But when it came time for Michaela to decide whether or not to stay with her current team, host TJ Lavin broke in with a bombshell: “There are no more teams.”

That means it will now be every-for-himself-for-himself-for-all starting next week and all the relationships and alliances that have been established will become even more important and also more volatile, which will be quite a…challenge. forms.

Project Runways

Bishme Cromartie, Rami Kashou, Laurence Basse and Brittany Allen at Project Runway.  (Bravo)

Bishme Cromartie, Rami Kashou, Laurence Basse and Brittany Allen further Project Runways. (Bravo)

If the 20th season of Project Runways Finally, Thursday’s episode featured the final four designers: Brittany Allen, Bishme Cromartie, Rami Kashou and Laurence Basse. They competed in what is known as the Avant-Garde Challenge, inspired this season by the breathtaking view of Manhattan from the 91st floor of a skyscraper known as Summit One Vanderbilt.

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After four solid looks were presented within 17 hours, the judges seemed to think Brittany’s was the least inspired by the brief. But in the end they sent her through to the final three, while Rami had to pack up his sewing kit and go home. Which brings us to…

Response of the evening: Fans of the show strongly disagreed with the judges’ decision to send Brittany to the final three, and they took to social media to express their views on the matter.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS; The challenge airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CBS; Project Runways airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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