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Volunteers from across the city help out on Xcel Energy’s 13th day of service

Xcel Energy’s Day of Service has arrived, with plenty of opportunities to volunteer

Xcel Energy’s Day of Service has arrived, with plenty of opportunities to volunteer


MINNEAPOLIS — Volunteers from WCCO, Xcel Energy and the rest of the Twin Cities converged on Northeast Minneapolis today. They gathered for Xcel’s annual Day of Service, an opportunity for people to help others in need.

“We’ll see the end result once we tie the knot,” said volunteer Karen Martin.

Martin is one of 150 volunteers who spent a beautiful Friday afternoon in Northeast Minneapolis. Outside Bauhaus Brew Labs, teams put together snack packs. Inside, tie blankets were the favorite project.

“I love volunteering in the community. And this is the perfect day for me to do it with the Day of Service,” Martin said.

This is the 13th year that Xcel has done this, and it is one of 60 projects they undertake annually.

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“This is my fifth year volunteering for Day of Service and I’ve brought my husband along for the past few years. My sister and I are volunteering tomorrow. And it’s truly a family-oriented day,” said Paget Pengelly of Xcel Energy.

When it’s all said and done, the tie blankets and snack packs will be given to three different nonprofits in Minneapolis.

“This is our fourth season of volunteering,” said volunteer Walt Perale.

He and his wife, Suzi Perale, drove to Northeast Minneapolis from Forest Lake. On this #Top10WxDaythey don’t mind being stuck inside if it means giving something back.

“I like to give back. It’s a great opportunity to come. Do something for nonprofits. It’s already set up for us. It’s a great experience. You meet new people. You get to give, and it just feels good for everyone,” said Suzi Perale.

The Day of Service at Bauhaus Brew Labs was scheduled for noon to 3 p.m.

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