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Walker’s message to Philly after a recent outing is exactly what you want to hear

Walker’s message to Philly after a recent performance is exactly what you want to hear and originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Philly fans don’t ask for much.

If players take responsibility for and acknowledge their mistakes, they will be loved by the city through thick and thin.

The series opener against the Padres started exactly as the Phillies wanted. They scored eight runs in the first three innings and took a seven-run lead in the fourth frame.

What followed next was less than ideal for Taijuan Walker, who gave up three runs. Fortunately, with the offense having such an explosive evening, Walker came out of the inning still holding a four-run lead.

With the help of Kyle Schwarber’s 40th home run of the season between appearances, Walker went one more inning and found some redemption. He allowed a single to Manny Machado, but otherwise walked away unscathed.

It was a nerve-wracking few innings to close out the game, but the Phillies still came out on top, 9-7. Yes, it was a situation too close for comfort and the collective gasp through the city could probably be heard as far away as San Diego…but it was over. The Phillies held on and won the first game in the series.

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“I feel good,” said Walker after the game. “Physically, everything feels really good. It was just one of those games where I was kind of looking for mechanics, just doing a bunch of stuff that I didn’t really need to do.

“They have a very good line-up, so I can’t just put the ball in, but in that situation I had to throw more strikes.”

Tuesday afternoon started and it was clear that Walker was still not too happy with his outing from the night before. He shared this post on his social media:

Even after a win, he wanted to send a message to his team and fans about the expectations he has for himself.

Please take a moment to scroll through the answers; you will not be disappointed.

Like I said, Philly fans don’t ask for much.

Walker gets it… and Philly certainly has his back.

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