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Warrant: Greenwich home burglary leads to charges against two suspected members of tri-state burglary gang

August 16 – Hermosilla-Lizama and Gil-Andreu, both residents of Brooklyn, NY, were charged in connection with a residential burglary that occurred on Oakwood Lane in Greenwich on December 7.

Greenwich police were first made aware of the incident on Dec. 8 when the home’s residents noticed a rear-facing window of the second floor of their guest house had been smashed, Greenwich police wrote in the warrants.

The night before the break-in was reported, Greenwich Police received a tip from Sgt. Jeffrey Raymond of the Nassau County Police Department. Raymond leads a “burglary pattern unit” tasked with investigating a burglar gang, referred to in the warrants as “South American robbery groups”, who are using rental cars to commit residential burglaries in the tri-state area.

On the night of the burglary, Dec. 7, Raymond told police he had caught Hermosilla-Lizama and Gil-Andreu, as well as others, possessing burglary tools while driving a rental car, per the warrants.

An assessment of the car’s GPS later revealed that the car had driven to Greenwich earlier in the evening, where it had parked at two different locations as per orders. One such location, the warrants said, was near the junction of Parsonage Road and Oakwood Lane, around the corner from the home that had been broken into.

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Police wrote in the warrants that Hermosilla-Lizama and Gil-Andreu used a ladder found on the grounds of the home to access the second-floor master bedroom. However, police say nothing appeared to have been taken from the guest house.

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On Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Vikki Cooper upheld $50,000 bonds on both Hermosilla-Lizama and Gil-Andreu.

Both of their cases were transferred to Section A, which deals with the district’s most serious cases.

Hermosilla-Lizama and Gil-Andreu are due to appear in court on September 15.

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