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Watch the moment a new flock welcomes rescued sheep to the New York farm. ‘You are safe now’

A sheep in New York was set to be slaughtered before a shelter intervened.

“Nicole had been working on a small hobby farm for ten years and was bred over and over again,” Riki Higgins of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls told McClatchy News in a phone interview.

Nicole, who the shelter says is 12 years old, has bred several litters of babies, but none of them survived because she had a problem with her udder that prevented her from drinking, Higgins said.

“They didn’t have formula, they didn’t keep an eye on the babies or anything,” Higgins said. “They just kept breeding, but one of the people on the farm got fed up.”

It looked like she was going to be slaughtered — until someone intervened and called the shelter, Higgins said.

In March, the shelter crew went to the farm and performed a “sad” rescue, Higgins said.

“They lured her in to lock her up by having one of her friends there,” Higgins said. “We asked if we could take the other sheep with us, but they said ‘no’.”

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Nicole had given birth to three babies two days before her rescue, Higgins said. The babies did not survive, but Nicole still had blood and bodily fluids on her bottom.

Higgins said Nicole “isn’t the most anxious sheep” and was “very patient” when they had to do “extensive exams and cleaning on her.”

Nicole underwent fecal testing to see if she had parasites and was quarantined for three weeks before she could meet her new flock, Higgins said.

“It looks pretty likely at this point that Nicole will need surgery on that udder,” they said in a March 21 TikTok caption that read “Meet Nicole. Her story is sad, but she is starting to heal here.”

The TikTok, which has been viewed more than 6.2 million times on April 12, shows Nicole being released into the ‘goat and sheep stable’ of the shelter.

All her ‘new friends’ quickly run to her and give her a warm welcome, according to the April 8 video.

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“Our sheep live in a comforting environment and nothing unusual usually happens to them, so they feel very safe and comfortable,” Higgins said. “We feel comfortable introducing new sheep to our flock, and they are generally quite relaxed when it comes to meeting new people.”

But Higgins said, “not every new sheep reacts the way Nicole did.”

“Some are a lot more nervous, but she seemed to feel like, ‘Okay, this is all good, they’re coming to check on me, everything’s fine,’ so she went straight ahead,” Higgins said.

They said Nicole is now “doing great.”

“She spends time with our more reserved sheep, which is to be expected,” Higgins said. “She is adapting to the team and learning who she likes to be around.”

TikTok users jumped on the comments and gave their thoughts on the shrine “saving this angel.”

“For me it’s ‘you’re safe now’ by the sheep,” said one user.

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“That’s so sweet. They just wrapped her in a big group hug and accepted her. I hope she finds peace in her new family,” another person said.

“She’s such a sweetheart, welcome to the good life Nicole,” said one.

High Falls is located about 100 miles north of New York City.

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