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Wednesday’s Child: 6-year-old Jeremiah – CBS Boston

Wednesday’s Child Jeremiah


MARE) – Jeremiah, also known as Jerry, is a friendly, talkative, hardworking, sweet and curious boy. He is a social butterfly and often seeks cuddles and attention. Jerry likes to play outside; basketball or cycling. He also enjoys playing educational games on his tablet. He is very happy to have another foster child in the house to play with him. Last year he LOVED cutting down a Christmas tree with his foster family after Thanksgiving and he talked about it in the New Year!

Jerry is enrolled in school and doing well. He is generally very smart and enjoys school. Jerry is doing well both behaviorally and academically. He is most successful when he can have multiple iterations of clues to make sure he understands and perseveres. Socially, he has good relationships with his peers and interacts appropriately with them. He does have a nurse who is at his school with him and will have to continue this service until he no longer has his trachea.

Jerry will thrive in a multicultural or culturally conscious family of any constellation that can celebrate his culture. Families who are open and comfortable with caregivers in their homes, have the ability to travel to appointments, and are willing to learn that tracheal care is necessary for Jerry. He will need to maintain regular contact with his siblings; all three are in the Brockton area in pre-adoption homes. Jerry has a lot to offer the right family and will be successful with supportive and nurturing caretakers.

For more information, please contact MARE: 617-964-MARE (6273) or visit www.mareinc.org.

Founded in 1981, Wednesday’s Child has been a partnership of the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), the Department of Children & Families, and WBZ-TV/CBS Boston. Hosted by Jack Williams for 34 years, this weekly series has given a face and a voice to the kids who wait the longest for families. Wednesday’s Child has helped find homes for hundreds of waiting children and continues to raise awareness about foster adoption.

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