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What does Minnesota’s new state flag look like?

MINNEAPOLIS— Minnesota’s new state flag will officially be flown across the state on Saturday. What does the flag look like and what is the meaning behind the design?

Interestingly enough, the person behind the flag design is – Andrew Prekker, born in Luverne — has no design background. What he did: A lot of research into the study of flags, what people wanted about the new flag, and Minnesota history and culture.

His original design featured a North Star in an abstract Minnesota shape and stripes in blue, white and green.

The original design was subsequently modified by the State Emblems Redesign Commission, removing the three color stripes and opting for all-blue in that area. That change was selected as the official design of Minnesota’s new state flag.



The star is a nod to the state motto “The Star of the North,” with the blue symbolizing Minnesota’s vast and distinctive waterways.

“To me, it is an important change that is needed to be inclusive for all people in Minnesota, especially our indigenous communities and tribal nations,” Prekker said.

Luis Fitch, who served on the redesign committee, gave an impassioned speech describing why he supported the final design, which other members said resonated with them. He said the lighter shade of blue resembled the Mississippi River pointing to the North Star and is a metaphor for what drew people to the state in the first place.

“You go back in history, white people from Europe came here because of the Mississippi River. If we go back in history, I assume, because I’m not a historian, that American Indians chose this land [in] partly because of the Mississippi. So the way I look at it now, why do I see the Mississippi River pointing up toward the North Star? And that’s it. To me, that’s the story,” Fitch said.

Flag expert Ted Kaye, secretary of the North American Vexillological Association, told WCCO in December that he gives the final design an A+.

Saturday is an appropriate time for the flag to make its debut, as it is Minnesota Statehood Day.

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