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Who is running for Boise’s Legislative District 16? Listen to the candidates

Democratic voters in Garden City and Boise may have to make some tough choices in the upcoming primary elections in May — including whether to return two incumbent voters, a tenant advocate and a public policy instructor, to the Senate for the next two years. Capitol, or choose to go to another country. direction.

Two incumbents face challengers for the Democratic nomination in the primary in District 16, which covers all of Garden City and parts of Boise. The district includes Boise areas east of Pierce Park Lane, south of Hill Road, west of 28th Street and north of Interstate 184. The western edge of the district is formed by Maple Grove Road, Fairview Avenue and Cole Road.

Incumbent Sen. Ali Rabe, the executive director of Jesse Tree — a Boise nonprofit that provides housing assistance — faces challenger Justin “Justice” Mitson, a business consultant, children’s book author and firearms salesman in the Democratic primary. Both live in Garden City. Mitson is running a campaign to “jail corrupt politicians,” while Rabe is focused on addressing homelessness and the lack of housing in the Treasure Valley.

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Rabe was elected to District 17 in 2020, but vacated her Senate seat in November 2021 after purchasing a home within the boundaries of District 16. Voters in that district opted to return her to the Senate in 2022. Rabe is known to sponsor bills. housing policy and last year sponsored legislation to protect youth and crisis centers from criminal charges for harboring runaway youth and to block the public release of eviction records if the entire eviction case is dismissed.

The winner of the Democratic primary will face Republican challenger LeeJoy Lay in the November general election.

Four Democrats from Boise will vie for their party’s nomination for the B seat in the House of Representatives: retired Dr. Jon Chu, automotive engineer Wayne Richey, creative director Nikson Mathews and incumbent Rep. Todd Achilles, who teaches public policy. Achilles was selected in February to replace former Rep. Colin Nash after Nash left his seat to focus on his role as a member of the Boise City Council. Jackie Davidson is running for the seat in the Republican primary.

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Rep. Sonia Galaviz, D-Boise, is also running unopposed in the primary for her seat in the House of Representatives. She will face Republican challenger Chandler Stewart Hadraba in November.

In Idaho, only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary, while registered Democrats, Republicans or independents can vote in the Democratic primary. Voters can vote in only one party primary each year, with elected senators and representatives serving two-year terms in the Idaho Capitol.

The Idaho Statesman sent questionnaires to every candidate in a contested race. Their responses are below.

Voters can still register to vote at the polls and cast their ballots through May 17. Read more about this race and other local elections in the Statesman’s Voter Guide. (Find the legislative district you live in here and find your polling place here.)

Read all the candidates’ responses below. Use the horizontal scroll bar below each candidate to read the full question and answer. You can also click on the chart and drag it horizontally.

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