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Why is Zhang Yao taken to the police station in Thailand?

The recently premiered thriller C-drama Insect Detective 2 released its first batch of episodes on May 21, 2024. It features Zhang Yao, Chu YueAnd Bie Thassapak Hsu in the leading roles. It is the sequel to the popular 2020 Chinese drama Insect Detective. The drama follows the story of Tan Jing Tian (Zhang Yao), a toxicologist who tries to clear his name from a murder. He joins forces with his girlfriend Jin Ling (Chen Chuyue), a forensic doctor, to investigate mysterious murders committed by a deranged killer.

Episode one focuses on the police interrogating Jing Tian. After a prostitute is murdered in a brothel, the police, led by Sheriff Valarillo, investigate. Valarillo meets Jin Ling, who is in Thailand as part of an international exchange program. The victim has several lacerations on her back. Police suspect that the killer caused those wounds using a sharp object. The victim is identified as a 27-year-old girl named Sai.

Meanwhile, Valarillo mentions that whoever reported the crime smelled an aphrodisiac in the room. Furthermore, the forensic investigation concluded that the killer had strangled the victim. When they come out, Jin Ling is surprised to see Jing Tian being dragged away by the police. Jing Tian mentions that he flew in to surprise Jin Ling, but when he searched the hotel, the police caught him.

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Insect Detective 2 Episode 1: Zhang Yao arrives in Thailand

The police take Tian to the police station to question him further. He mentions that he was there at the brothel because of the driver of the taxi he had hired. The taxi that picked him up from the airport went to the brothel after a phone call. He went inside and left Tian waiting in the car. When he didn’t come out for a long time, Tian decided to look for him. While he was searching, police mistook him for the suspect. It caused even more confusion because he didn’t speak Thai.

Tian also mentions that the driver was wearing a colorful pendant depicting the wing of an endangered butterfly. It caught his attention and it was easy for the residents of the brothel to locate the driver. The police let him go after questioning.

Meanwhile, the informant is taken into custody after suspiciously hanging around the police station, looking for something. He tells the police he wasn’t after anything; he just wanted to visit the brothel. He begs Valarillo to believe he is not the killer and urges him to catch the real killer.

The semen sample obtained from the victim’s body matches that of an ex-police officer named Phaitoon. He seemed to have a special bond with the victim, as he was her only client. Phaitoon is brought in for questioning. He bursts into tears when he hears the news that Sai has passed away. Valarillo asks him if he accidentally strangled her, but he denies it. His sensitivity baffles the police.

Insect Detective 2 is available for streaming on Youku.

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