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Woman finds 60-year-old message in a bottle in Mashpee and returns it to family

MASHPEE – A message in a bottle has washed up in Mashpee. Inside was a letter from a 14-year-old girl. It has been floating in the ocean for almost sixty years and is now returning to the author’s family.

“I was just walking and I was looking for stuff in the seaweed all the time, and then this bottle showed up,” said Kate Rivers, the Rhode Island resident who found the bottle. “I looked inside and saw there was a letter taped to the outside. There was some handwriting, and I was like, this isn’t even real right now?’

She was strolling along South Cape Beach when she spotted the Coke bottle and its distinctive orange cap. Somehow the note inside was still partially intact.

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“I took it back to where we were staying. I blow dried it a bit and I could make out a piece of the note that said she was 14 years old, possibly with the name Wendy. There was a note on it. address on it,” Rivers said. “I was ready at that point to find Wendy. I shared it on social media and everyone was immediately intrigued by this story. It was crazy that the address was clearly written down, and we could go straight to that place.”

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The address was on Kinnicutt Road in Worcester. Soon people began to recognize the handwriting and address. It was owned by Wendy Warner. She owned a horse farm in western Massachusetts.

Mashpee message in bottle
Message in a bottle found on Mashpee beach

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“She was the most unique, interesting, creative and whimsical person I have ever met. She always reached out to those who had no one else and brought them in and gave them a seat at the table,” said Warner’s daughter Aja Talarico. . “When I saw the letter, I knew immediately that this was her handwriting. She has had this handwriting all her life which is very, very unusual and recognizable. It is something that is distinct, and many people have pointed it out recently . years.”

Talarico says it makes sense that the bottle was found where it was because her grandparents had a summer home in that area.

“I used to visit my grandparents there every weekend when they were alive. It’s like a 14-year-old version of my mother is trying to reach out to me, reaching out to me, which is really cool,” Talarico said. “It’s like my mother to be frustrated with the world, write her feelings on the note and throw it in the ocean.”

‘I’ve been waiting for a sign’

Warner died three years ago after a sudden heart attack. She was in her seventies. Talarico says her mother was throwing hay bales until the day she died.

“I have to admit that my mother passed away three years ago now, and I have to admit that I have been waiting for a sign to know where she is,” Talarico said.

Rivers is in the process of returning the letter to Talarico and her family.

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