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World-renowned Lebanese foodie Anthony Rahayel is touring Dearborn for the first time

(CBS DETROIT) – He’s a man on a mission to unify Lebanese culture worldwide, and for world-renowned international foodie Anthony Rahayen, it wouldn’t be possible to visit Dearborn without it.

“I am on a mission to reunite and unite all successful Lebanese entrepreneurs, companies, restaurants, etc.,” Rahayen tells CBS News Detroit.

For Rahayen, he says it’s his first time at the country’s prime location for Lebanese cuisine.

“Dearborn is little Lebanon away from Lebanon. It’s a home away from home. You can’t imagine the hospitality, the love, the support and everything that happened the moment I stepped into Dearborn,” says Rahayen.

One of his recent stops is a top-notch ice cream shop, the House of Chimney Cakes on Michigan Avenue.

“I love it. They use one of the best ice cream makers, soft ice cream makers in the country. It reminds me of my wife’s first trips to Eastern Europe,” says Rahayel.

Chimney Cakes owner Liza Fardoun says Rahayel’s visit to “little Lebanon” is a joy to watch, especially as he eats her ice cream.

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“It’s a privilege to have him here. I’m glad he’s highlighting many of Dearborn’s businesses. It’s exciting,” says Fardoun.

As for local food influencer Hanan Jaffar, better known as Detroit Halal Eats & Activities, she says she can identify with and appreciate seeing Rahayel run all over town reviewing Dearborn’s best food.

“As a local foodie, having someone from abroad come to Dearborn to check out the local businesses and share their experiences is a big deal,” says Jaffar.

And while he admires all the appreciation, Rahayel says he’s already planning to visit Dearborn again over next year’s holiday.

“What I think, what I believe, what I feel is people’s love and how they welcome me. Thank you, Dearborn, for all you’ve done. I’ll be back,” says Rahayel.

For more information on Anthony Rahayel’s Dearborn tour, check out all of his latest stops on social media or by clicking here.

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