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Upgrade your kitchen with these money-saving gadgets

Want to take your kitchen game to the next level and save money at the same time? Investing in the right kitchen technology can significantly reduce your daily expenses, especially on items you would normally purchase. Tech expert Jessica Naziri shows us four innovative gadgets that promise to improve your dining experience while keeping your wallet happy.

1. Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit, price: $299

Discount code: “TECHSESH” (use at Cuzen Matcha for $50 off)

Enhance your daily routine with the Cuzen Matcha Maker, designed to deliver a high-quality matcha experience at the touch of a button. Using 100% organic matcha leaves, this machine ensures you can enjoy the exceptional taste and health benefits of premium matcha every day. Whether you’re a matcha lover or a newcomer, the Cuzen Matcha Maker makes it easy to integrate this antioxidant-rich drink into your life. And with the discount code ‘TECHSESH’ you can start your matcha journey for even less.

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2. iGulu All-in-One Automated Home Beer Brewer, Price: $699

Introducing the iGulu F1 Home Brewing machine, the easiest and most efficient solution for brewing your own craft beer. With just three simple steps, brewing beer becomes as effortless as brewing your morning coffee. But the iGulu is more than just a beer brewer: it’s a versatile tool for making a wide variety of fermented drinks, including kombucha, apple cider, and wine. This machine allows you to experiment with your existing brew kits, adding personal twists such as honey water to a pale ale kit to create a unique Honey Pale Ale. The iGulu F1 not only saves you money on craft drinks, but also adds a fun, creative dimension to your kitchen.

3. Terra Kaffe TK-02 connected super-automatic espresso machine, price: $1,395

The Terra Kaffe TK-02 is the ultimate bean-to-cup espresso machine and the only one on the market that makes both espresso and real drip coffee. Thanks to precision brewing technology, each shot of espresso costs about 40 cents, compared to the $3 you’d spend at a coffee shop or up to $1.40 with Nespresso pods. This means that the machine usually pays for itself within the first six months of use. Imagine starting every morning with a perfect espresso, knowing that you are saving money with every cup.

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4. GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker, price: $799

Discount: $200 off at retailers nationwide through June 16 (no promo code needed)

Experience the rich flavors of outdoor smoking from the comfort of your kitchen with the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker. This first-of-its-kind indoor smoker features active smoke filtration, digital controls and remote monitoring, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of smoking experience. Countertop convenience and dishwasher-safe shelving make for easy cleanup and efficient use of space. Plus, it only uses two cups of pellets at a time, eliminating the need for large 40-pound bags.

To top it all off, GE has partnered with Omaha Steaks to deliver premium Porterhouse steaks, perfect for your first smoking experience. As I smoke these Porterhouse steaks from Omaha Steaks, I can attest to their incredible quality and flavor. Omaha Steaks has been providing premium meats for over a century, making them a trusted name in gourmet meat delivery.

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These innovative kitchen gadgets aren’t just about convenience: they’re smart investments that can significantly reduce your daily expenses. From making your own coffee and matcha to brewing craft beer and smoking meat, these appliances bring professional-quality results to your home and save you money in the long run.

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